ZADOK INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES CHURCH is a global Spirit-Filled prophetic ministry.  Our Online Church and training is designed to equip and empower God's EndTime army to go forth into their spheres of influence, preaching the Gospel with a demonstration of signs and wonders following!

Zadok Live with Dr Steve Foss

Every Tuesday we will be releasing our latest teachings on multiple platforms. However, here and through our app is the best and easiest way, free from social media ad's, to engage with us. 

Jesus is coming

As Prophets throughout history, Dr Foss addresses many relevant cultural, political, and spiritual issues of our day. His desire is to bring biblical perspectives along with a NOW word from the Lord into what is occurring worldwide. Many shy away from "hot button issues", because of potential backlash. Dr Foss is willing to speak to these issues head on. 

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