Continuing The Legacy


ZADOK INTERNATIONAL is a Ministry with a difference.  As a spiritual son of the late Dr. Morris Cerullo, Dr Steve Foss is truly carrying on the mantle and the message of World Evangelism. Having been personally commissioned by Dr. Cerullo in 1993 to go into the nations and train an army for the Lord through Morris Cerullo Schools of Ministry, Dr. Foss has trained hundreds of thousands of pastors and leaders globally. He has also trained over 550,000 through the Zadok Discipleship course: ( a revolutionary 48 lesson revelation training course used by leaders worldwide.)

NOW, through our online church, school of ministry, discipleship training, live conferences and revivals, and our ministerial ordination program, we are raising an army of Spirit filled Christians to change their world through the power of the Gospel! As you join with us, your life, your ministry, and especially your relationship with Jesus will never be the same again.

Start your training today with these amazing FREE courses.

These three courses are considered by many to be a complete seminary training compressed into powerful, concise, easy to understand, revelation teachings.  Each lesson will take you step by step into breakthrough understanding of God and His word. The anointing of wisdom and revelation will come upon you and flood the eyes of your understanding with the light of the knowledge of the glory of God.

ZADOK Online Church.

Every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, we will broadcast a new teaching.  Dr Foss will be taking you line upon line, precept upon precept, into the revelation of God's word. Because of so many global events, pandemics, wars, economic crisis, God put in into our hearts to provide a consistent, in depth, online community, where His children could grow to fulfill His call for their lives.

No Online church can replace the need for gathering together with fellow believers. Unfortunately so many Christians have found themselves, "church homeless" for various reasons.  We are here for YOU.  We are a community of like minded believers focused on the end-time harvest and pressing into God to see His Glory manifested in the earth.

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